it's not me, i am pretending

location . vanilla drop martini and the oc
temp . 74
humidity . 42%
conditions . summer around the corner

yet again, i've been neglecting my blog. bad trinity. bad, bad trinity. on top of that, my last entry kind of made my parents look bad, and while i'm not one to apologize for what i write on my blog, i should make it clear that my parents were (ARE) really good parents and blah, blah, blah, BUT my most traumatic childhood moment WAS that soccer game. even though my dad will tell you that it wasn't his fault and that our other coach played dirty. uh huh. all i know is that for the rest of my soccer career i took getting called off the field personally.
my life has been an absolute horror for the last month. my ipod died. i know, i know, but there's nothing you can say that will console me. it died a slow, painful death, and it was even more painful watching it. first the skipped songs, then the you-can-only-load-334-songs-on-me-or-i'll-blow-up stage, then finally the folder and exclamation point of death. oh, the horror. it came to it's final resting place today: the apple store. i don't know that i will ever love my new ipod like i loved the first. but i'll try.

cat power . he turns down


they ought to drown him in holy water

location . headphones at work
temp . 61
humidity . 53%
conditions . no one's wise enough to turn this ancient boat around

looks like i'm still crisp like fried chicken. only, it's all peeling off. somehow it's still crispy. this doesn't make much sense. you'd think i would be used to sunburns by now. or at least have skin cancer, COME ON.
see, my parents (bless them, hi mom and dad) thought that buying a ski boat when 'us kids' were young was a BRILLIANT idea. i have to admit, i was a pretty cute little youngster with my ski's tied together. i was an even cuter 3rd grader with my very own slalom ski. some of my best memories from childhood revolve around that ski boat (my very worst memory revolves around that year my dad was my soccer coach on an all-boys team, and he was going to start me in the game, but he had 12 people on the field, and who did he call off? ME! that's right! HIS OWN DAUGHTER). sunburns were a weekly occurrence, but none were as bad as that FIRST trip in the boat. i'm not sure what was distracting my parents (beer?), but NO sunscreen was applied to either myself or tristan. as it was mother's day weekend, we had to go to school the next day, and i remember being called into the principal's office to discuss if my parents were being negligent and if they needed to call child services... BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT MOM AND DAD!

the shins . mine's not a high horse


costa rica recap

as i've finally made it back from costa rica, had time to 'settle back in', and am starting to organize my photographs for posting, i've been, once again, neglecting my blog. i'm so sorry blog. please forgive me.

here are a few highlights from the trip

watching monkeys play in the rainforest
watching monkeys play in people's front yards
riding a zipline 200ft above the rainforest floor
doing a tarzan swing
making my own ceasar salad (dressing, too) in a restaurant
watching michael make banana's foster in a restuarant
what $16 will get you for a hotel room in san jose
toucans on the side of the road
a spur of the moment hike to a waterfall
night hikes in the rainforest
porcupines living in a fig strangler
tarantulas hiding in every crevice you can imagine
click beetles
hot springs
hot springs so hot you can't touch them
a volcano, with real lava
lava streaming down the volcano
rosa, coco, and america (all parrots living near a bus stop)
what $40 will get you for a cabin on the beach
playa samara
surfing with my leash leg leading (i couldn't leash it because of my ankle)
HUGE waves
sunsets on the pacific in what you swear should be the northeast
intense soccer games on the beach in low tide
kayaking to an island in the hot, burning sun
spending three hours on open sea in the hot, burning sun
not being able to move for the next three days because of the sunburn
laying in a hammock drinking beer because you can't move
laying in your room drinking beer because you can't move
spending your 1 year anniversary unable to move
michael speaking spanish and trinity understanding it


the next 5 days


costa rica pt 2

day five in costa rica.

who said this is a rain forest? it hasn't rained yet! i'm glad i didn't let that guy from rei outfitters sell me that $200 rain jacket. that would have been worthless.

so, to update, we spent nearly all day sunday at selvatura, which is right at the entrance of the santa elena reserve. on the skywalk we saw loads of wildlife, including monkeys playing in trees (i'm such a kid when it comes to monkeys), but the best part were the ziplines. especially the one that was like 400yds long and about 200 feet above the canopies. i had to pretend i was doing something else to avoid an absolute freak-out.

after planning the remainder of our trip yesterday, we hiked out to a really beautiful waterfall. unlike the tours at selvatura, these trails weren't well defined, and we had to use ropes to climb parts of it. that night, we took a guided tour through the rainforest and saw the most incredible fig strangler with porcupines living in it.

this morning we took a taxi/ferry to la fortuna, a city at the base of volcan arenal, a VERY active volcano. we were going to hike out to yet another beautiful waterfall this afternoon (this one with a swimming hole at the bottom), but girly trinity decided to visit and we instead spent the entire day at the baldi hot springs and spa. ahhhh... my skin feels so great.