live from monteverde

day 2 in costa rica.

after arriving around noon, yesterday was spent in san jose. i don´t know if you can really call san jose a ¨city.¨ it´s more like south central los angeles, although slightly safer (just slightly). the guide book says if you´re wanting to get close to nature, then get out of san jose as fast as possible. that´s exactly what we did.

we left san jose around 6:30 this morning, and though the total trip to monteverde was only around 100 miles, it took nearly 6 hours. we´re staying at the cabanas los pinos, and they are absolutely adorable! i´ll post pics later.

anyway, sorry this post is really dull. our vacation hasn´t been terribly exciting yet (no luggage stolen by monkeys), but tomorrow we´re doing the canopy tours and ziplines, so hopefully i´ll have more then!


the next time the sun rises...

continental flight 1102 with non-stop service from houston, tx to san jose, costa rica will be beginning its initial descent into the misty rainforest.

and somewhere over my walk to work yesterday and a mad hunt through rei outfitters, i realized I'M GOING TO COSTA RICA. and i've planned NOTHING. those who know me know this isn't a surprise. a friend remarked yesterday, after hearing that my flight will be leaving at 6:00am that i'll probably start packing around 2:00am. i wouldn't be surprised.

i should add that this trip was conceived only 2 weeks ago. there's no way i could have gotten malaria or hepatitis a shots in that amount of time (they wouldn't be effective anyway). i could, however, have called my surgeon before YESTERDAY to tell him i'll be hiking in the rainforest in 48 hours, and, oh, by the way, do you think my ankle can handle it? what about surfing?

wish me luck! i'll be back on the 9th!


the horror!

i just realized i'm going to be in costa rica on sunday. you know, SUNDAY.

FAMILY GUY is back on sunday.

maybe i can change the plane tickets...


why can't we just look the other way?

location . on the bed
temp . 64
humidity . 30%
conditions . weather.com says mostly cloudy. my eyes see no clouds

i guess i've been about as bad as everyone else in not updating my blog. call it spring fever, laziness, whatever: i just haven't been in the mood to write about my daily existence. i used to analyze my day-to-day activities looking for something blog-worthy, then compose the entry in my head, and look for the perfect song and photo, and post just as soon as i got home from work. not that my entries were GOOD because of it; they'd just been pondered over and over-analyzed, that's all. *sigh* good, old-fashioned spring fever.

on a less dull note, i'm leaving friday for a 10-day trip to costa rica. call it my honeymoon, a vacation, whatever: i NEED to use my passport. it's getting dusty.

interpol . evil


savannah - los angeles