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i've spent a lot of time over the last few days thinking about where i was this time last year. while breaking a bone isn't a particularly life-altering event, it certainly defined most of this past year. the year was broken into pretty distinct segments, and they correlate directly with the status of my ankle. first, we had the post-surgery-on-crutches phase, then the physical therapy phase, then the second surgery phase, then the second-recovery phase (essentially april-august), then the finally-seeing-some-progress phase. i can relate just about everything that has happened over the last year to the status of my ankle.

i'm not one for new year's resolutions - the whole new year thing has never really resonated with me. i don't feel older, i don't feel any different, and i've never been one for serious new year's partying. i don't take it as an opportunity to reflect or to predict or to do much of anything really. but as i've embarked on this journey of recalling the last year, i can't help but to wonder where i'll be this time next year, or what will resonate with me next year about today and this coming year. maybe, for me, december 7 will be the turning of a new stone every year, much like january 1 is for many people.

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if the snow buries my neighboorhood...

a year ago sunday, i broke my ankle while sprinting down an escalator. a year ago tomorrow, i had 4 screws (screws - not pins) inserted into the aforementioned ankle. i had a check-up with the surgeon this morning, and things are finally looking up. i've made quite a bit of progress in the last few months - when i visited him in august i could only run about 1/4 mile before my ankle starting hurting too bad. now i can run closer to two miles. i've still got some tenderness and tightness, but even a year later, i'm still making progress.

the district saw its first winter storm yesterday (we were originally forecasted to get around 8 inches of snow. i think it's closer to two), and michael and i put up a christmas tree and wrapped a present! i guess winter has really arrived...

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