we should never get so sentimental

so, back in feb i wrote about our event at work that resulted in a photoshoot for vanity fair. the whole thing was a big surprise, really. we went down to miami a few days before the event to make sure everything was in order - that all of our locations were secure, catering was handled, etc. one of our mayors was bringing his security detail so we had more than usual to coordinate. the day before the event began, we were cabbing around the city, going back and forth between venues, fielding calls from mayors and their offices, when we get a call from our primary meeting location. "do you know anything about a vanity fair photoshoot taking place here tomorrow?" "ummm. no. they're shooting the mayors? during our event?" call miami city hall. "oh yea, vanity fair wants to shoot diaz, daley, and o'malley for their green issue in may. they'll be doing it in the morning before the session" "ok. great."

the issue is out - i'm still not sure why vanity fair is getting into the business of activism - and the mayors look great. but see if you notice the problem here:

from the photoshoot:

from vanity fair:

nice photoshop work, guys.

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i could take away the salt from your eyes

wolf parade at the black cat last week. for once, i wasn't caught between crazy girl and crazy dancing girl - i was actually on the front row, thanks to some nice, tall, considerate gentlemen who let me stand in front of them. michael had to stay back, but he's used to looking at the back of my head anyway =)

wolf parade . i'll believe in anything


i can't pretend i don't need to defend some part of me from you

as usual, let's insert my enormous foot into my mouth. let's insert it once, take it out, and insert it again, this time so deep that i can pull it out of my ass.

a few days after writing the previous entry, i go and join myspace, only to be tracked down by several of my former high school classmates. you know, right after that entry about my theoretical high school reunion.


fuck it man, i'm going to new york.

interpol . the new