costa rica recap

as i've finally made it back from costa rica, had time to 'settle back in', and am starting to organize my photographs for posting, i've been, once again, neglecting my blog. i'm so sorry blog. please forgive me.

here are a few highlights from the trip

watching monkeys play in the rainforest
watching monkeys play in people's front yards
riding a zipline 200ft above the rainforest floor
doing a tarzan swing
making my own ceasar salad (dressing, too) in a restaurant
watching michael make banana's foster in a restuarant
what $16 will get you for a hotel room in san jose
toucans on the side of the road
a spur of the moment hike to a waterfall
night hikes in the rainforest
porcupines living in a fig strangler
tarantulas hiding in every crevice you can imagine
click beetles
hot springs
hot springs so hot you can't touch them
a volcano, with real lava
lava streaming down the volcano
rosa, coco, and america (all parrots living near a bus stop)
what $40 will get you for a cabin on the beach
playa samara
surfing with my leash leg leading (i couldn't leash it because of my ankle)
HUGE waves
sunsets on the pacific in what you swear should be the northeast
intense soccer games on the beach in low tide
kayaking to an island in the hot, burning sun
spending three hours on open sea in the hot, burning sun
not being able to move for the next three days because of the sunburn
laying in a hammock drinking beer because you can't move
laying in your room drinking beer because you can't move
spending your 1 year anniversary unable to move
michael speaking spanish and trinity understanding it


Blogger Chris said...

glad to see you made it back alive and hopefully without the single celled organisms in your orifices.

costa rica sounds like quite an adventure, but i could never go there. too many birds and monkeys.

3:53 PM  
Blogger natalie said...

i'm glad that you've made it home safely... although i'm sure that you wish that you were still in costa rica.

drinking beer in a hammock sounds marvelous - although the not-moving-due-to-sunburn-part sounds all too familiar...

9:08 PM  

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