the scorecard

Columbia - accepted
University of Pennsylvania - accepted
MIT - accepted
Harvard - waitlisted (grrrr)

for the last three weeks i've been praying to the grad school gods, stalking our postman, checking my email every 20 seconds, forcing michael to stay home and stalk the postman when i couldn't... for the last week, i've been moaning how it will never be over, i'll never know if schools want me, i'll probably get rejected by the remaining ones, whine whine whine.

and now, it's over. well, mostly over. there's that pesky waitlist thing.

i can breathe, right? i've got letters in front of me, fellowship offers, plane tickets purchased for open houses, decisions to make, right?

there was a brief moment of calm yesterday, but the flurry of anxiety is back in full force today. don't get me wrong, it's a GOOD anxiety, but i'm on the cusp of so many changes, so many things i've worked hard for are in my grasp. I ACTUALLY GOT ACCEPTED TO SCHOOLS. i don't think that part has even sunk in yet.