it's not me, i am pretending

location . vanilla drop martini and the oc
temp . 74
humidity . 42%
conditions . summer around the corner

yet again, i've been neglecting my blog. bad trinity. bad, bad trinity. on top of that, my last entry kind of made my parents look bad, and while i'm not one to apologize for what i write on my blog, i should make it clear that my parents were (ARE) really good parents and blah, blah, blah, BUT my most traumatic childhood moment WAS that soccer game. even though my dad will tell you that it wasn't his fault and that our other coach played dirty. uh huh. all i know is that for the rest of my soccer career i took getting called off the field personally.
my life has been an absolute horror for the last month. my ipod died. i know, i know, but there's nothing you can say that will console me. it died a slow, painful death, and it was even more painful watching it. first the skipped songs, then the you-can-only-load-334-songs-on-me-or-i'll-blow-up stage, then finally the folder and exclamation point of death. oh, the horror. it came to it's final resting place today: the apple store. i don't know that i will ever love my new ipod like i loved the first. but i'll try.

cat power . he turns down


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