the perfect cappuccino

several year-old 4-shot espresso maker handed down from father, barely used
small frothing pitcher (ikea, $2)
coffee mug (the bigger, the better)
freshly ground espresso (enough to fill the grounds holder)
2 teaspoons sugar
1/4 cup milk

fill decanter with water
add espresso grounds as directed
begin brewing espresso as directed

pour milk into frothing pitcher
dissolve very small amount of sugar (1/4 teaspoon) into milk - this gives the froth a very subtle sweet flavor
froth milk as directed

pour espresso (ALL OF IT!) into coffee cup, dissolve remainder of sugar into espresso
using a spoon to hold back the froth, pour in unfrothed milk
top with froth
sprinkle just a DASH of cinnamon on top

repeat several times/day.