autumn in new york?

all summer long i've been praying for fall. the person who looked forward to summer her whole life has been changed by this thing we call 'winter' in dc (which, i was reminded yesterday, is not the same thing people from minnesota call 'winter'). though i'm from the south and still consider myself a southerner, i've come to the realization that leaving my apartment and getting blasted with a frigid gust of wind has really become one of my only moments of true meditation. perhaps this shift from the love of summer to the love of winter is more related to this capability of meditation. when i was a child, summer was synonymous with long weekends on the ski-boat. even now, the thought of sitting in the front seat of the boat and flying over the lake with the wind blowing across my face instantly calms and rejuvinates me; well, that, and dipping my sunburnt face into the water and holding by breath and then blowing out for as long as i could.

san antonio was no problem - we didn't even get any rain. my flights out on sunday were pretty seamless, so no complaints. i'm in new york for a few days. i was asked to moderate a panel discussion at the center for architecture here on monday night and am otherwise visting schools in the area. fall is rapidly approaching - if you can't tell by the few stray leaves on the ground, you can definately tell by the haste with which new yorkers embrace fall fashion.

change is right around the corner...

sigur ros . svefn g englar


post 100 : major hurricane pt. 2

well, for weeks now i've been drafting out the 100th post to my blog. in typical trinity fashion, i'm no where near being finished, and i think it's time for an update.

i'm sitting at la guardia about to board a flight for san antonio, where i'll be all weekend. i'm worried about hurricane rita, and though i've been told that people are being evacuated *to* san antonio, i'm still not feeling very secure about this. perhaps it won't be too severe in san antonio, but i have a feeling it'll be nearly impossible to get out of there on sunday (despite being one of continental's 'most valuable customers'). *sigh*

i'll do my best to keep in touch.