costa rica pt 2

day five in costa rica.

who said this is a rain forest? it hasn't rained yet! i'm glad i didn't let that guy from rei outfitters sell me that $200 rain jacket. that would have been worthless.

so, to update, we spent nearly all day sunday at selvatura, which is right at the entrance of the santa elena reserve. on the skywalk we saw loads of wildlife, including monkeys playing in trees (i'm such a kid when it comes to monkeys), but the best part were the ziplines. especially the one that was like 400yds long and about 200 feet above the canopies. i had to pretend i was doing something else to avoid an absolute freak-out.

after planning the remainder of our trip yesterday, we hiked out to a really beautiful waterfall. unlike the tours at selvatura, these trails weren't well defined, and we had to use ropes to climb parts of it. that night, we took a guided tour through the rainforest and saw the most incredible fig strangler with porcupines living in it.

this morning we took a taxi/ferry to la fortuna, a city at the base of volcan arenal, a VERY active volcano. we were going to hike out to yet another beautiful waterfall this afternoon (this one with a swimming hole at the bottom), but girly trinity decided to visit and we instead spent the entire day at the baldi hot springs and spa. ahhhh... my skin feels so great.


Anonymous Jake said...

Assuming others will see this comment, I will try to make it remotely interesting. I RSVP'd today several engagements we have in Vegas for AIA Convention. So, worry no more, Murrye is RSVP'd for the VIP Party hosted by Steve Wynn and his architect (oh yes...at the new Wynn resort in Steve's personal party room). And you and I are set for the AIA Fellows Convocation...black tie required. Oh, by the way, I was too lazy to make this interesting. Hope you guys are having a blast.

P.S. - Did you really miss the new 'Family Guy' on Sunday? Costa Rican howler monkeys or no, I feel sorry for you.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

wait, jake...are you being sarcastic when you say you didn't make it interesting? v.i.p. room with steve wynn!?! christ almighty!!! steve wynn is the man!!!

oh...i'm sweating.

6:10 PM  

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