why can't we just look the other way?

location . on the bed
temp . 64
humidity . 30%
conditions . weather.com says mostly cloudy. my eyes see no clouds

i guess i've been about as bad as everyone else in not updating my blog. call it spring fever, laziness, whatever: i just haven't been in the mood to write about my daily existence. i used to analyze my day-to-day activities looking for something blog-worthy, then compose the entry in my head, and look for the perfect song and photo, and post just as soon as i got home from work. not that my entries were GOOD because of it; they'd just been pondered over and over-analyzed, that's all. *sigh* good, old-fashioned spring fever.

on a less dull note, i'm leaving friday for a 10-day trip to costa rica. call it my honeymoon, a vacation, whatever: i NEED to use my passport. it's getting dusty.

interpol . evil


Blogger natalie said...

bon voyage, babe... you most definitely deserve the break... and don't worry about family guy - there will be reruns when you get home...

6:36 PM  

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