live from monteverde

day 2 in costa rica.

after arriving around noon, yesterday was spent in san jose. i don´t know if you can really call san jose a ¨city.¨ it´s more like south central los angeles, although slightly safer (just slightly). the guide book says if you´re wanting to get close to nature, then get out of san jose as fast as possible. that´s exactly what we did.

we left san jose around 6:30 this morning, and though the total trip to monteverde was only around 100 miles, it took nearly 6 hours. we´re staying at the cabanas los pinos, and they are absolutely adorable! i´ll post pics later.

anyway, sorry this post is really dull. our vacation hasn´t been terribly exciting yet (no luggage stolen by monkeys), but tomorrow we´re doing the canopy tours and ziplines, so hopefully i´ll have more then!


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holy crap, this is so awesome.

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