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back in october, i posted how i'd resolved to get back in shape. 3 months later, i can safely say that i'm on my way. to me, being in shape has nothing to do with weight, so we're not going to talk about that here. being in shape is more a state of mind, a state of being, a LIFESTYLE, if you will. it involves regularly going to the gym or doing physical activity, eating well, and not drinking coca-cola. 2 out of 3 ain't bad, folks.

back in october, i was still frustrated because my ankle wouldn't allow for a complete immersion in fitness. i've always been ultra-competitive, and believe me, i'm the MOST competitive with myself. the notion of 'taking it slow' or 'taking it easy' means absolutely nothing to me. i push myself harder than anyone else could push me, and i'm the hardest on myself. i would get mad, i mean MAD, when i would run a short distance only to have my ankle shoot pain up the side of my calve. poor michael had to live with this for a whole year.

sometime in december i began to make rapid progress. what started as slow one mile runs progressed into slow two mile runs and by january i'd clocked a couple of 5+ mile runs. my ankle is still consistently sore, but it's reaching the point where i'm considering not having a third surgery this summer to remove the remaining three screws (by the way, people, they're SCREWS. not pins. so stop calling them pins. there's a big difference). but we'll see.

also, in january, i joined a gym to take yoga classes. our apartment building has a gym, but it's cheaper to join a gym and take yoga than it is to just take yoga classes (and believe me, that isn't exactly cheap). so now i'm taking yoga two-to-three days a week (plus a bonus pilates class or two), and i'm practically living at the gym.

it feels fantastic.

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