i forgot where i was going with this...

in all of my bragging yesterday (sorry about that. i get carried away sometimes), i forgot the real reason i was writing.

to pick up where i left off:

so, i was an avid athlete in high school. i had solid 6pack abs and loved every minute of it (oh, shit, i forgot i was going to stop the bragging). needless to say, i was unable to keep up with this routine in architecture school, and i slowly slipped into bad habits of eating junk food and not working out (and not washing my hair and not wearing makeup and not sleeping, but that's beside the point). i never "worked out" in high school (except lifting weights for track. and doing situps and pushups for track. i used to have to do 200 inclined situps a day during pole vaulting season. shit. that bragging thing again.), i simply went to practice. i'd say that's been the hardest transition for me - going from the mentality of doing something i love to do to doing something because it's good for me and i probably should. there were times in college when i would stick to a workout routine (like when candi (hi candi!) and i used to go running every morning at 6:45 in rome. jena (hi jena!) went running with us for awhile. until she threw her shoes away) and other times when i would sit at home and eat rice crispy treats (i LOVE rice crispy treats). through most of college my weight stayed pretty steady (around 10lbs more than my high school weight), but weight isn't really the issue. i'm more concerned with being healthy and feeling good.

fastforward to now. this last year was really tough on me. i was traveling constantly, working out sporadically, and eating REALLY good food at nearly every meeting i went to. i felt tired most of the time and just generally blah. breaking my ankle put another damper on fitness, as i went nearly 10 months not physically being able to run (and i, sickeningly, LOVE to run).

so, i've resolved to get back into shape. i mean REALLY get back into shape. i'm talking 6pack into shape. i'm running again, lifting weights, eating healthy, and it feels great. well, it FELT great. until yesterday. deciding to take it up a notch, i thought it would be a good idea to run up and down 14 flights of stairs for 30 minutes (and if you make a SINGLE comment about how i broke my ankle, i'll kill you). i'm so sore today that i can hardly walk. this is like 'first day of soccer practice sore' or 'first time learning a back twisting lay-out sore.' i'm REALLY fucking sore. =(


Blogger Candi said...

ciao trinity, i know EXACTLY how you feel about how working out has turned from something i liked to do into something i have to do. problem is, i just don't want to anymore. i always assumed i would be little and athletic, but you know what they say about assuming things. it makes me feel old now to think "i work all day and then come home, clean the house, take out the dog, feed the husband... i don't have time to workout." i guess it's just that i think i can go on a diet and lose weight, but the truth is it's really a complete lifestyle change for maintenance. and that's what's so hard is not reverting back to unhealthy ways. i don't know. i guess i'll just say, best of luck with your "lifestyle change" and maybe someday soon i'll be inspired to do the same.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Katie - Katy - Caiti - Catie said...

Oh weird, I just commented on my site about how I was getting back into shape. Craziness. Is there an echo out here. I guess we got injured around the same time, so we'll get back in shape around the same time. I'm getting this weird sense that our whole lives have been parralleled. Think about it...cheerleading...pole vault...HOBY...Bratcher...weddings...moving...injuries. Must be that bit of genetic material we share.
The summer before my wedding I accidently got down to my Junior high weight, yet my body held the weight totally different than back then. High School is over and I don't wanna look like I'm in high school anymore anyway. We are women now right, tummy pudge and all.

12:21 PM  
Blogger Katie - Katy - Caiti - Catie said...

oh yea, the rice krispie treat thing too. My mother-in-law showed me this summer how to make them (I had tried a long time ago and was unsuccessful) Its my latest sweet tooth obsession. Quicker than cookies, cruchy, and not so sweet that you can't eat them all day long (good and bad thing I guess). Yeah Rice Krispie Treats!

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Li-Li said...

Before long you'll be kickin those stairs' figurative ass(es?). How do I know? You're probably the most driven person i can think of. ...Well, you're probably tied with katie. Anyway, I remember when I was in marathon-runner/yoga-buff shape, and I think I really had my shit together back then. But when I count up how many credits I've racked up this past year (50 hours before I even started my sophmore semester),I think I've got my shit together now. But it'd still be nice to fit into some of my old clothes. Happy Trails!

5:19 PM  

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