in a week, i will make it; i will make it forever

we're moving much sooner than expected - we thought we were going to have a month overlap (which, yes, means that we would have to pay rent twice), but, on a whim, we decided to try to find a subletter (subleasee?). within an hour of posting the apartment on craigslist, we had people offering to pay more for the apartment than we'd offered. who would want an expensive, unfurnished apartment for a month? lawyers, my friend. lawyers.

so we're moving next saturday, and, unfortunately (HA!), i'm walking out the door right now for a business trip in san francisco. not only will i not get back until friday night, but i have to stay in this awful hotel with these awful amenities. please feel sorry for me. don't feel sorry for michael at all. it's not like he has to pack EVERYTHING all by himself.

the figurines . the wonder


Blogger natalie said...

i. hate. you. not really, i'm just green with envy... and you get to hang out with the mayor-stud. gahhhhhhhhhhhh, luuuuuucky.

3:35 PM  

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