the end of an era

two weeks ago, michael and i began the bittersweet journey of leaving the first place we called home together.

moving is alot like exercising - you know you want to do it, you sort of look forward to it and dread it at the same time, you ask yourself why you would ever want to go through it while you're in the middle of it, and you feel great about it when you're done. and if you do it right, you might even be a little lighter at the end of the process.

the first step of the process: repainting the beautiful orange ceiling.


Blogger KB said...

Is any of your furniture Ikea? I am a huge fan and some of it looks familiar. So is the orange ceiling in the new or the old place?

4:27 PM  
Blogger trinity said...

it's almost all ikea... we joke about it being an ikea showroom =)

orange ceiling is old place (these images are of the place we're in now.. the old place)... so, so sad to see it go

4:47 PM  
Blogger natalie said...

i can't wait to come visit the new place... and yes, i just invited myself to come visit you. ha ha.

and, have i told you lately that i love you? because i do. um hmm. yup. darling, any music will do - i know you have good taste, really good taste, so i trust you. hook. line. and sinker.

muah. good luck with moving.

5:16 PM  

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