it's gonna kill when you desert me

i've debated how much to talk about my job on my blog for a long time. on one hand, it's really stupid, and many people have gotten fired for it. on the other hand, i love my job and only have about 5 regular readers (most of whom are family). what harm can it do, right?

as i've mentioned previously, i work for a group that educates mayors about city design. in the time that i started working there, we've worked in the gulf coast and new orleans, with university presidents and mayors of those cities, and last week we worked with some REALLY big city mayors in miami. this miami event was the first that i've planned start-to-finish, and the payoff was phenomenal.

a big highlight? the vanity fair photoshoot! check out the pics at flickr... i think the photos will be in the may issue.

weezer . why bother


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