i'll be excited for a week, but then excitement starts to fade

i have a love/hate relationship with going to shows. i get so pumped about them when i first see the announcement on the calendar. i rush to buy tickets, scared the show will sell-out and that i'll miss out on something great. weeks come and go, and it's finally time to go to the show. i'll spend the day listening to the band, getting pumped, getting ready. come about an hour before the show, i always question if i *really* want to go (one time this questioning turned disasterous. not only did michael and i miss the last modest mouse show in fayetteville, but we ended up with a cat). i mean, i'll be up late, have to transport myself to and from the venue, yadda yadda. usually end up going (except for that time with the cat. argh), get there early to get a good spot because I'm the SHORTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD and if someone, anyone, is in front of me, i can't see a thing. so i wait. and wait. the band is never on time. and i wait. then they start. all of a sudden i discover i'm smack inbetween crazy-dancing-girl and crazy-dancing-girl-with-an-attitude. EVERYTIME. and they're bigger than me. but my elbows are effective. usually. which brings me to this - i'm going to tell you a big secret: there's an unwritten rule at indie concerts: YOU DON'T DANCE. NO DANCING. if whatever you're doing requires you to have enough space for 2 people, YOU ARE ANNOYING EVERYONE AROUND YOU. stop it. despite said people, i always end up having a great time, screaming with everyone else in the end for an encore. and the best part: the post-concert buzz. i spend the entire next day listening to the band, reminiscing about the show, and hearing songs in totally new ways. i can't stop.

and thanks to npr, i can actually LISTEN to the belle and sebastian/new pornographers show from last night online. check it out. my favorite part? around minute 37 when they play "the blues are still blue" followed by "piazza new york catcher." worth the price of the ticket right there.

belle and sebastian . the blues are still blue


Anonymous jake said...

i can not believe that no one has given you 'props' (that's what the kids are calling it, right?) for the pinkerton theme of late. you've made me a happy man.

5:54 PM  

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