tonight I'm begging you please

for the last few years, i've made it a sunday ritual to check the wedding announcements in my hometown newspaper, the el dorado news times. this illustrious publication is available online (how very modern of you, el dorado), though you have to pay something outrageous like $60/year to actually view it at a readable resolution, unless you subscribe to the REAL newspaper, which i clearly don't. instead, i flip to page 18 online (somehow, it always starts on page 18), look at the pictures, and squint to try to see if i know any of the people. i'm not really sure why i do this. it's not like i CARE, and i didn't even bother to send in MY OWN wedding announcement (though you better believe i've thought about sending it in this year sometime in May saying that we were married on May 6 and just neglect to mention that it was in 2004, not 2006).

a few months ago, a friend got me hooked on the new york times sunday wedding announcements. i can't even begin to describe how much joy these bring me. i can't make it through a single one without coffee coming out of my nose from laughing so hard. they're a fabulous mix of parental boasting (even when the children are losers - though most of the time they fall into the category of ivy-league grads. which doesn't mean they aren't also losers) and obscene pretentiousness. love it, love it, love it.

if you happen to find the times wedding announcements as funny as i, you'll love this site - veiled conceit, which bills itself as "a glimpse into that haven of superficial, pretentious, pseudo-aristocratic vanity: the ny times' wedding & celebration announcements"

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