this is beginning to hurt

it's so easy to say 'i hate this, i hate that, i hate that.'

in the indie rock community, it's so uncool to like anything remotely mainstream.

in politics, it's so easy to discredit anything the republicans want to do.

in life, it's so easy to discount others' opinions because they're different than your own.

i'm pretty cynical by nature. i've got a husband who lets this attitude fester, and i think we've even convinced ourselves that we're pretty funny while we're doing it. sometimes we are, but sometimes maybe it's just a crutch.

i really dislike the concept of valentine's day. i've always said i do, anyway. but what's there to hate, really? sure, it's alot of pressure, but instead of putting all my energy towards bitching about what a pointless holiday it is (and the fact that it isn't really a HOLIDAY since you don't get the day off work and wouldn't that make the whole thing more bearable for everyone?), maybe i should put my energy towards telling the people i care about just how much i care about them. it might just bring a tiny piece of joy to my little shriveled heart. or maybe it would just make me gag.

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Blogger sam_iv said...

I hate Valentine's day also. Don't you just hate those people that get the huge flowers delivered to them at work. Keep that shit outside of work hours! I may be jealous (I don't think I give a crap though), but really I think it is just stupid showmanship.

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