you're about to get taken to a dreamworld of magic

has anyone else seen this movie? i never read the book as a child, so i had no expectations going into it - only that it was going to be a kid-friendly pg flick, but this has to be THE WORST movie i've seen in a LONG time. does anyone else think peter is a total prince william knock-off (imdb credits the role of peter to william moseley the first. what 19 year old goes by 'the first'? sam - did your great-grandfather go by the first?)? or that susan is a horrible actress (and doesn't she just look like a little bitch)? or that there was something REALLY innapropriate going on between lucy and tumnus? the only redeeming part of the movie was tilda swinton's dreads. rock on tilda.

the chronicles of narnia . snl short


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No, he didn't go by Sam I. That would be stupid. Then everyone would say, "Hey Sam I Am." OK, a bit anachranistic, but you get it. From what I hear, he was a travelling salesman and an alcoholic (what Irish Catholic wasn't). He probably never would have guessed that there would be a Sam IV.

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