if the snow buries my neighboorhood...

a year ago sunday, i broke my ankle while sprinting down an escalator. a year ago tomorrow, i had 4 screws (screws - not pins) inserted into the aforementioned ankle. i had a check-up with the surgeon this morning, and things are finally looking up. i've made quite a bit of progress in the last few months - when i visited him in august i could only run about 1/4 mile before my ankle starting hurting too bad. now i can run closer to two miles. i've still got some tenderness and tightness, but even a year later, i'm still making progress.

the district saw its first winter storm yesterday (we were originally forecasted to get around 8 inches of snow. i think it's closer to two), and michael and i put up a christmas tree and wrapped a present! i guess winter has really arrived...

the arcade fire . neighborhood #1 (tunnels)


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