warning: incessant bragging masked as reminiscing ahead

most of my loyal readers know i was once an avid athlete. i wear this title as a badge of honor, and i rarely let an opportunity to tell others about my athletic history pass. i'm not sure why i still feel the need to be so competitive about past feats, but it's who i am, and i'm not really interested in changing that.

back in the days, i was a soccer player, a gymnast, and a competitive track athlete (i was also a cheerleader for a time, but please don't hold that against me). i still don't know how i juggled these sports, my grades, and a social life (oh wait, i didn't have that last one), but i'm fairly certain it had to do with the fact that my parents never once suggested that i get an after-school job. thanks guys.

since the gymnastics facility was an hour away from my house, there were many days each week when i wouldn't get home until after 10pm, only to have a load of homework in front of me. seems like soccer practices, games, and track meets were the same way, but i could probably still do the gymnastics drive with my eyes closed. i'm sure i'd still instinctively slow down around dubach, la to avoid the inevitable cop car sitting in the carwash parking lot. the most vivid memory of this life is not the time first time i scored a hat trick or landed my first layout stepout on the balance beam or qualified for state in the pole vault. nope, the most vivid memory is the taste of salt streaming off my face after the first blast of a cold water shower. but, hold on: i must add this - that game where i scored a hat trick in front of a home crowd WAS the game when i knew the relationship with my high school sweetheart was over. after the game, i ran out of the locker room estatic to see him, only to be greeted by 'wait here for just a second' and to see him walk past me to talk to my DAD! it wasn't 'hey, let's go meet your dad, i need to tell him something. it was 'you stay here, and i'll go talk to your dad and come back to get you when i get done.' THAT was a healthy relationship.


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Hey Trinity, your ole buddy Sam here. I hadn't checked your blog in a while and was suprised at how much you must have been blogging recently. That's crazy that you quite your OWN job, self-made. Trinity without AIAS, I can't imagine it. But I know how it goes. When the time comes to quit, you just know it! It took me about a week to fully realize that I had to quit immediately and then I did. It's strange, but you just know. Anyway, I am absolutely loving it in Seattle. I couldn't have made a better decision. Of course, I would like to know more people and be able to hang out, but that will come with time. I have, afterall, only been here a little over a month. Remember, there's always a place for you to crash in Seattle!

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