wait for it... wait for it...

i gave my resignation at work yesterday.

i know.

it's crazy.

but, trinity, you just started your new job.

i know.

and you wrote the job description.

i know.

i got the most incredible job offer, and i couldn't turn it down. and things weren't working out like i thought they would at my current job. the details aren't really important; what's important is that i'm really happy and excited to start my new job in two weeks.

what will you be doing in your new job?

well, i'll be working for a non-profit that is federally funded by the national endowment for the arts. the group works with mayors and design professionals to help mayors make educated, informed decisions regarding city planning in their communities. it's a really small office, so i'll be doing a little bit of everything (when i start, we'll have two people). i can't wait.


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