stay tuned for a big announcement tomorrow...

it seems as though there is a building across from mine that's on fire right now. i can't tell for sure, but there's some pretty thick black smoke billowing out of it right now (i know, i know, you're thinking that i've gotten really desperate for blog entries if i'm tuning in to write about a building that's on fire. you're pretty much right). we don't have renter's insurance. a fire would suck. it smells like rice crispy treats in here.

last week in san antonio, i was in a sound drunken sleep at around 2:00am when the fire alarm started blaring. being in the sound drunken sleep i was in, it took a good minute to figure out what the hell the noise was. my sound logic told me it was the alarm clock, but after banging on that for another minute, realizing there must be fault in that logic, i eyed the smoke detector. next thing i know, i'm standing on the bed, pounding on the smoke detector, trying to rip it out of the wall. that must have been the official point that i 'woke up' because i decided right then that this MUST be a false alarm, so i crawled back into bed and put a pillow over my head. i think i went back to sleep before the alarm stopped.


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