i guess that bastard* was right

apparently "it's only a matter of time" meant "it's only matter of time until someone steals your fucking* bike"


it was chained to a post. i wasn't even being irresponsible. IT WAS MY BIKE! MINE!

i feel so violated.

*yes, i've been cursing more on my blog. it's my blog. i can do that.


Blogger sam_iv said...

wow, that sucks. You and bikes just don't have any luck. That's one downside of city living, but as Clarendon proved, I guess it can happen in the middle of nowhere too.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Katie - Katy - Caiti - Catie said...

I had two bikes stolen in college. Then I vowed to not buy a bike till I had a garage and now I do! But people are mean, they'll steal anything. One day we'll have bikes we can fold up and stick in a bag!

9:08 PM  

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