heaven is a cabin named 'columbine'

so, i'm in montana in the middle of NO WHERE. we have no phones, no televisions, and lots of flashlights. notice, however, that we do have wireless internet. god bless this country.

normally, being in the middle of no where isn't an issue for me. i grew up in ARKANSAS. and, more so than that, i grew up camping nearly every weekend (running water only, please). i didn't flinch when they told us there were no tv's or locks on the cabin doors (though my favorite jersey girl absolutely freaked out. there's nothing funnier than a jersey accent freaking out); i could dig it. who knows, i might even RELAX and SLEEP a bit during this 'retreat.'

well, this meeting actually started a few days before i got here, and, let me tell you, everyone else is REALLY RELAXED. so relaxed that they're VERY ready to get back to the cities they never really wanted to leave in the first place.

sample quotes overheard by the 'leaders' of the architecture profession:

"i don't want to drink port with old men"
"there are several architecture faculty i'd like to see nude"
"do you mind if i entertain you all the way home by reading my spam aloud?"
"good job. now there's going to be a bear who gets gum stuck between his balls"
"we're about two nights away from campfire songs"


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