post 100 : major hurricane pt. 2

well, for weeks now i've been drafting out the 100th post to my blog. in typical trinity fashion, i'm no where near being finished, and i think it's time for an update.

i'm sitting at la guardia about to board a flight for san antonio, where i'll be all weekend. i'm worried about hurricane rita, and though i've been told that people are being evacuated *to* san antonio, i'm still not feeling very secure about this. perhaps it won't be too severe in san antonio, but i have a feeling it'll be nearly impossible to get out of there on sunday (despite being one of continental's 'most valuable customers'). *sigh*

i'll do my best to keep in touch.


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Blogger Candi said...

don't you just hate those damn spam bloggers? anyway, i understand your concerns about ms. rita, looks like we're going to get swamped with rain for 4 days too. hey, it looks like i might be coming to grassroots this year, are you going? i've never been to d.c. before, think you could show me around?? anxious to hear how san antonio pans out for ya.

2:09 PM  

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