let's all have another orange julius

my mind is pretty blank tonight. numb maybe. maybe that's it. i'm not really sure. between work and travel and sleep, i haven't had much time to do anything interesting. i've been too stressed about my (immediate) future to just relax and enjoy myself a little. case in point: i just got back from a trip to nyc (see picture below) where i spent entirely too much time in my (really swanky) hotel room (my organization wasn't paying - don't worry). even in south beach a few weeks ago (see picture below the other picture), i had a really difficult time relaxing, and there are few things more relaxing than listening to an ocean. i could really use a vacation, but i've already taken one (costa rica, remember? still haven't posted pictures from that. sigh), and i can't really afford to just not work between jobs in august.

if anyone feels really sorry for me, a gift certificate for a spa day might really pick me up. that and a new messenger bag.

modest mouse . teeth like god's shoeshine


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