i could only make you cry with these words

tisk tisk, bad trinity. yet again, i've been neglecting my blog. not only have i been neglecting my own blog, but i haven't been very good about reading other people's blogs either. bad trinity.
i've been REALLY BUSY at work lately. really. like, REALLY busy (i wonder how many times i can use "really" in a blog entry). on the plus side, i think i've got a job for august (3 WEEKS!), but it's not 100% official, so i can't say anything about it right now. let's just say that i (still) won't need to sign up for IDP yet. i want to be a registered architect. really. i just don't want to be an intern. considering it takes the average person 7.6 years, i'm not that far behind, right?

belle and sebastian . get me away from here, i'm dying


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