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i've spent most of the last two weeks in the wonderful world of tooth decay. for someone who's only ever had two cavities, this has been quite traumatic. it actually all started about eight months ago when i thought i cracked a filling, but i wasn't completely sure, and it only hurt for a few weeks, so i decided to do nothing about it. advance to right before vegas, biting into a chunk of chicken, and PAIN. PAIN. do you understand, it was PAIN. went to the dentist about two weeks ago and discovered my negligence had resulted in the need for a pretty serious root canal, one that even my highly regarded dentist didn't want to touch. so he referred me to an endontist...
advance to today, me calling to get an appointment with said endontist (yes, i KNOW it is two weeks after the first appt, and i should have called MUCH earlier. stop scolding me. stop, i say) who of course doesn't take my insurance. after consulting with both my dentist and the endontist it was clear that if i wanted a TOP QUALITY root canal, i'd better go ahead and fork over the $1200 up front and deal with insurance later. out of curiosity, i decided to call my insurance company to see "approximately" how much i could expect to get reiumbursed. the answer? an unapologetic "300 dollars." 300 DOLLARS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? i can't afford a $900 root canal, and even if i could, i'd rather spend it on something like new clothes. or shoes. or another vacation. NOT A ROOT CANAL. mr. worlds-best-endontist is a little too good for me, apparently.
so i call for an endontist in-network. luckily, there's one only a few blocks from work (because i can't let a pesky thing like a root canal keep me from making the world a better place for architecture students), so i called him up, and the secretary asked me if i could come in RIGHT NOW. RIGHT NOW. like the guy has nothing to do RIGHT NOW. like he's sitting in his office with a drill in one hand and a grin on his face just WAITING for his next victim. so i said NO WAY, but i can totally come tomorrow.

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