there was a time...

when i didn't care about comments on my blog. nope, didn't care at all. i was blogging for me and only me (oh shut up, there's nothing more narcissistic than a blog) and didn't care who came to visit or read. that day has past. i'm leaving for san antonio this weekend, and when i get back there had better be comments on my blog.

someone out there cares, right?

UPDATE: in a fight with my computer and internet connection, i managed to mangle my template beyond recognition. please excuse the old one for awhile...


Blogger Murrye said...

it's only because we're so wowed by your intellect and busy trying to figure out how your titles and your songs relate that we forget to comment!

5:44 PM  
Blogger me said...

here i am leaving a comment on your blog, and i can't even be bothered to update my own blog. that's how special you are...or how lazy i am...probably both.

7:06 PM  
Blogger sam_iv said...

I care Trinity, I care. I usually try to comment to keep you company. But I know what you mean, the blog can sometimes turn from an introverted thing into a way to speak to the world.

Have you ever thought about what it could be like to read this blog in twenty years? What if you kept a blog that long and could document every week of your life? That would be crazy.

11:43 AM  
Blogger Candi said...

hi there trinity, hope you had a good trip. thanks for the plug to my blog! Hey, do you ever talk to Carrie? She's one I wonder about.

9:29 PM  
Blogger KB said...

i care...i have going through your past blogs. catching up.

2:06 PM  

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