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after nearly a year of searching, i believe i've finally found THE BEST restaurant in chinatown. i know you're all relieved. you'd think it wouldn't be that difficult, right? surely there are at least 5 restaurants competing for that title, and all you have to do is eat at all of them constantly before you find that one special dish, and you can proclaim a winner. instead, the fridge is filled with half-full take-out containers, the drawers filled with take-out menus, and us left less-than-impressed at just about everything we've tried. IT'S CHINATOWN. COME ON. there's no reason i should have to go all the way to georgetown (or adam's morgan or singapore bisto - mmmm singapore bistro...) for good asian food.
that all changed today. after a year of making fun of the name "cafe deli" for an asian restaurant, we decided to brave it. 30 minutes later with our bellies full of peanut chicken and garlic chicken, we proclaimed a winner. it didn't hurt that the place is DIRT CHEAP. nothing is dirt cheap in dc. basic take-out will always set you back at least $25. however, every single person that came in except for us ordered the lemon-grass curry (insert meat or tofu here). think they know something we don't? maybe that's lunch tomorrow...

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Blogger sam_iv said...

I can why finding a decent Chinese restaurant in Chinatown is such a rewarding sucess. You can totally tell that Chinatown used to be the China-Getto before high-market speculators and Yuppies (such as yourself) moved in. The restaurants just haven't caught up yet. Cafe Deli is so "American" that you can see why it might be a good place to eat in all its obsurdity.

By the way, I have now fully immersed myself in the Mac Life, read more on my blog. You might want to look up the widget that displays current delays and warnings for the Metro. Might be useful to you.

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