eleven hundred miles is too far inside a car

location . back in the district
temp . 74
humidity . 44%
conditions . cloudy

at my insistence, michael and i spent the entire weekend driving. i know that sounds impossible, and perhaps it is, but just to prove i'm not exaggerating (much), here is a break down of the weekend:
depart: friday @ 3:00pm
arrive: tuesday @ 1:00pm
total # of hours: 94 hours

time sleeping/in hotels: 44 hours
time at weddings/getting ready for weddings: 13 hours
time driving: 37 hours

ok, so that wasn't as revealing as i hoped it would be. but WE DROVE ALOT.

why all the driving, you ask? why not, i say. a good road trip is necessary every once in awhile. but everyone that knows me knows i prefer to fly, so that doesn't make much sense. hrpmh. i'll just tell you: we drove out to illinois for luke's wedding. you remember luke, don't you? luke-from-architecture-school-luke? luke was fun. i miss luke. but the wedding was great, very informal, very luke (and barb. very barb, too). after that, we drove another 4 hours to columbia, missouri to attend a wedding of some friends of michael's. in a really strange coincidence, there were about 10 people who were at BOTH weddings... some people that were friends with luke and friends with the wife of michael's friend.

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