now boarding continental flight 1155 with non-stop servi....

location . atlanta airport
temp . 68
humidity . 41%
conditions . people are wearing SHORTS

sitting in the airport on my way to savannah. it's going to be a long few days: i'm in savannah until saturday, then i fly to los angeles until thursday. for once, i couldn't pack everything i needed into a carry-on (i've been known to pack a 14 day trip into a carry-on) because of all the materials i have to have with me for the various conferences/events i'm attending. i'm dreading getting to savannah only to discover that my bag and all my suits and lots of my favorite shoes are somewhere over the pacific. but, hey, let's look on the bright side...
i'm going to savannah! and then los angeles! two of my favorite places! in a week!

i'm not sure that i'll have access to internet while i'm away, so ta-ta for now!


Anonymous honestyrain said...

wearing shorts kicks ass.

is that a picture of you over tehre? you look like a young kate winslet if it is.

1:59 PM  

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