life goes easy on me

location . apt
temp . 46
humidity . 74%
conditions . good friday

i hate spring. there, i said it. i'm one of the few people you'll ever meet that doesn't have allergies that hates the spring. ok, maybe i don't *hate* the spring, but what i do hate is 1) unpredictable weather 2) pollen, even if i'm not allergic. it gets a green film on EVERYTHING 3) rain 4) spring clothes. i hate pastels. i think that's enough.

i like is/are 1) thunderstorms 2) the week of spring where the temperature is just right and a cool, crisp breeze is blowing (you know, the week between all the RAIN) 3) laughing at people wearing pastels. i hate pastels. did i mention that?

to commemorate closer being released on dvd... because people would rather watch porn at home than at the theater
damien rice . the blower's daughter


Anonymous honestyrain said...

i like spring because a)it's not winter and b)it tells me summer is near. but the messiness, the muddiness, the baren trees when i am longing for green green gren...all that is less thrilling. but i cannot hate spring. spring is not winter and spring means summer is near ;)

2:15 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

well i hate summer, so bleh! it makes me want to do bad things. and i wonder if i commit a crime during the summer if it would be considered a hate crime. hmm? probably not, since i would have to literally do harm or something to summer itself. and how do you commit felonous acts on a season? i'll have to think about that one. is it getting hot in here? i'm feeling a little warm.

12:40 AM  

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