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soooo.... just as soon as i start talking about spring, it rains for several days straight. i even *tried* to get into the spirit. i bought a new spring bag and some new shoes, including my first pair of PINK SHOES. PINK. I hate pink. and now i own a pair of pink shoes. see what spring does to people?

anyway, inspired by murrye and her mom, i've decided to share my most embarrasing moment. i'm not sure how it'll stack up: you guys can let me know.

8th Grade. Rogers Middle School. finally, we were 8th graders. just one more year until high school. one full year of being the oldest kids on campus. being the "cool" kids. i'd never say I was a "cool" kid, but I was a cheerleader that year (that's embarrasing enough to merit a most embarrasing story, right?), so cool or not, i was under a microscope. fastforward a few weeks to the first pep rally of the year. done with the fight song. done bringing the football team onto the gym floor. time for introductions of the cheerleading squad. never one to be ordinary, i decide to do a toe-touch immediately into a standing back tuck for my personal introduction. toe-touch fine. push off for back tuck. land ON MY STOMACH. in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL. and the WHOLE SCHOOL laughed hysterically.

years later, i occasionally get the "you're the cheerleader that......?"

bright eyes . haligh, haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh


Blogger GravityBlows said...

Ok, here is mine.
2nd or 3rd grade my school has a Halloween carnival. All us little kids are supposed to dress up and have a parade in the recess area. (parents are invited) I’ve got some kind on lame ass costume on that I know was thrown together that morning, including some curly ass wig. I think I was supposed to be a clown. As it was, I wanted to ditch school that day, but we lived across the street and I was dressed like a clown. Even at that young age, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get away with it. Living across the street was not the issue, it was the freakin clown costume that sealed my fate.
Anyway back to the story, We are all walking around the grounds and I’ve got this wig on that I’m doing my best to pull down over my eyes the best I can and looking straight at my feet, all in hopes no one recognizes me. Little did I know that the parade line is making a jig to miss a tether ball pole right in our path. Do I need to go on boys and girls? Oh yea, I center punched the pole. Knocked me on my butt and sealed my fate as the laughing stock of the 2nd or 3rd grade for years to come.

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