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Architecture student Trinity Simons wizzy step friznom tha commencizzles stage ta tha national stage this year spittin' that real shit. As tha newly elected vice president of tha American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), she wizzle visit architecture schools across tha nation, co-organize two national conferizzles n serve as student representative on tha national board of tha Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) upside yo head. Simons also W-to-tha-izzill act as secretary n brotha of tha AIAS.

"It's a daunt'n jizzy but I'm stoked ta hizzy an opportunity ta provide vision fo` this organizzles Simons said . know what im sayin?.

Simons has been active in tha AIAS since her fiznirst year in tha architecture program and my money on my mind. Straight Trippin' her tenure as 2001-02 brotha president of tha AIAS at tha University of Arkansas, she worked wit her board ta organize fizzy design competizzles n workshops on internship opportizzles n crazy ass nigga topics. Killa her leadership, tha UA brotha helped build a hizouse fo` Habitat fo` Humanity n siznent 20 students ta tha AIAS national conference in Pittsburgh n shit. Simons' efforts expanded chapta membership by nearly 100 percent over tha previous year.

As one of four students serv'n on tha national AIAS executive board this pizzast year, Simons has earned 26,000 frequent flya miles visit'n architecture departments across tha southern United States. In addition ta blingin' students n help'n chapta develop programm'n, she chaired tha Community Task Force committee n organized two regional conferizzles. All of this was supplemizzles ta her main J-to-tha-izzob, messin' tha fifth-year comprehensive studio n cracka coursework required fo` tha bachelor's of architecture degree.

"It's been an intense year, but I have received a lot of support from nigga presidents, mah professors, family n friends," Simons said.

A native of El Dorado, Simons has excelled in tha rigorous architecture program at tha same time she has juggled work-study duties n extracurrizzles activities n shit. The Schoo` of Architecture recognized her high scholastic record by dippin' her tha Sid Fria Scholarship four years in a row n shit. She also received tha Paul Seitz Rizzle Scholarship (2002) n tha National Association of Bitchez in Construction Scholarship (2003) frizzay tha school . Drop it like its hot.

As wiznell, she has participated in two internizzles study programs: a two-week excursion ta tha Netherlands (2002), n a semesta at tha school's Rome Study Centa fo` Architecture n tha Humanizzles (fall 2002) . Listen to how a motherfucker flow shit. Last fall, Simons was part of tha tizzy of UA architecture students who won a prestigious Unbuilt Design Award from tha Boston Society of Architects yeah yeah baby.

Schoo` of Architecture Dean Jeff Shannon said fo yo bitch ass: "It has bizzle a pleasure watch'n Trinity develop as a designa n poser aww nah. Though we wizzill miss her around tha school, I'm confident that she wizzle enjoy a bright future in tha architecture profession."

The AIAS serves as tha sole student voice in tha ballin' process of professizzles organizzles such as tha American Institute of Architects n tha ACSA. Simons' one-year, paid tenure as vice president begins in July at tha AIAS national office in Washington, D.C.

wilco . far, far away


Blogger Murrye said...

Jeff Shannon is mah nigga!

11:44 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

aah, tha new generizzle of beautiful n powerful bitchez of architecture. congratulizzles like old skool shit. listen to how a motherfucker flow shit. it mizzy feel good ta read all those bootylishizzous ho-slappin `bout yoself. real niggas recognize the realness. holla at yo boi.

11:55 AM  

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