i'll thaw your foolish dreams away

as i haven't been able to leave the apartment since my surgery, i don't have much new material. i mean, i could tell you about how i've watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and i heart huckabees, and oh my gosh the oc comes on tonight, but that's just boring, and i'm sure you're not interested in that at all. so, instead, i've decided to put up some wedding photos and reminisce about that very, very hectic time in my life. i mean, i was only graduating college, getting married, and moving to dc in a period of 5 DAYS. 5 DAYS! i should get offered a job because of that feat alone. if i can handle that, i can HANDLE ANYTHING. i also need a kick in the ass to get these photos online somewhere.

stephen malkmus . phantasies


Blogger natalie said...

finally... i finally get to see pictures of your wedding!!! [they're beautiful, by the way... the picutres] and you looked marvelous [i guess i should expect no less...]

7:18 AM  
Blogger Murrye said...

i still want that pic of you, me, and carrie! wow, you've almost been married a year. you guys are so cute=)

10:39 AM  

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