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well, today was "the day." surgery #2, and hopefully the last time i'll see the walls of gw hospital for awhile. this one was relatively minor: the removal of one of the 4 screws that currently call my left ankle home. since i've got a minor cold, and the surgery was "relatively quick," we did a simple local anesthesia which, of course, meant i was AWAKE THE WHOLE TIME. no sedation at all: not even a narcotic to 'take the edge off.' i have to say, after they pumped my ankle full of lidocaine, the sensation was quite unusual. especially thirty minutes later, when they still couldn't FIND THE SCREW, they started to get aggressive, and i started to hear chisel sounds, and then, like magic, they used a SCREWDRIVER to remove the screw from my ankle. pretty cool. except i could REALLY FEEL IT when they took the screw out. not so cool.

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Blogger Chris said...

i would have at least wanted some valium so that i wouldn't care that someone was removing a screw from my ankle.

10:12 AM  

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