blind soundman, from netherlands, he knew not what band he mixed

location . the district
temp . 44
humidity . 47%
conditions . it was supposed to snow today. it wasn't even cloudy

there's something about being back in 'the city.' i know most people refer to nyc as 'the city,' but it doesn't really make a difference. and i know i was just in 'a city,' and i love chicago, but, as with most conferences, i was stuck in the hotel for the majority of my time there. so it's good to be back in dc. it's good to be back to the ritual of leaving my apartment every morning around 8:25, making the 3 block trek to the metro, taking the red line to farragut north, and walking the rest of the way to work. i used to walk the entrie way to work, which generally takes about 30 minutes, but my ankle still isn't well enough to handle that on a daily basis. so i take the metro, hands in pockets, bag slung over my shoulder, white earbuds pumping music into my head, giving the ipod nod to everyone else who's in the club.

stephen malkmus . 1% of 1


Blogger Murrye said...

the other day i really felt like a yuppie. i was on the elliptical trainer at my gym, gazing out over the sprawling metropolis that is Little Rock, and i noticed the guy next to me also had an iPod shuffle.

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