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i can't help but respond to pitchfork's top 100 singles of 2000-2004. first of all, i think they're a little list happy, but i do have a few particular beefs. it's pretentious. come on guys, give me a break. a list in the middle of the decade? more than a little unnecessary. but i've already complained about that. it's more than a little pretentious to list MOSTLY rap on an INDIE SITE. now, i remember in 2003 when you thought you were all cool because, well, you liked interpol, but didn't see indie music going that way, so you decided to jump on the rap/hip hop bandwagon and praise it for all of its inventiveness and complexity. WE GET IT. you need to feel special and cutting-edge. we all do. looks like you were wrong, but for some reason you still have all these people on your staff. GET RID OF THEM. it won't hurt you i promise. and to be honest, your redesign isn't that good.

ok. sorry. back to the point here. justin timberlake? pretentious. britney spears? you might be on to something. toxic isn't that bad. but #13? out of 100? pretentious. i'll admit, i may not be as indie as you, but kylie minogue? number 4? for 'can't get you out of my head'? inexplicable. and the most pretentious part? YOU DIDN'T GIVE US A #1. but hey-ya probably deserves to be number 2 anyway.

so i've been working to carefully craft my top 5 singles, though i don't even know if they were singles; that's pretty irrelevant to me. this is an impossible list to create, mostly because i'm always scared that i've just caught a song 'in the moment,' and i won't like it as much later. but, hey, i can come back to this in a year and laugh at myself, right?

in no particular order
poor places . wilco from yankee hotel foxtrot
pda . interpol from turn on the bright lights
teeth like god's shoeshine . modest mouse from lonesome crowded west
2+2=5 . radiohead from hail to the thief (this was a close call between the gloaming and lucky from ok computer)
new slang . the shins from oh, inverted world.

ok, so really, if you look at these bands, i'm not indie at all. but i like the songs, so screw you.

songs close to the top 5 include:
in the aeroplane over the sea . neutral milk hotel from in the aeroplane over the sea
cut-out witch . guided by voices from under the bushes, under the stars
he turns down . cat power from moon pix
sunrise, sunset . bright eyes from fevers and mirrors
and many, many other songs from wilco (specifically from yankee hotel foxtrot and summer teeth)


Blogger Chris said...

Your top 5 is nice. I like all those songs. I also agree with some of what you said about Pitchfork. Who the hell is working for them these days anyway? I just saw a review of a new J-Lo track immediately after reading an article about Stereo Total's comeback album. Ok...I may be an elitist of some sort. Ok...I most definitely am an elitist, but come on! People who really care to read about what others have to say about J-Lo music don't even know who Stereo Total is, and I'm pretty sure they don't care. So I just think Pitchfork needs to make up their damn minds as to just who exactly they are pandering to. And I think their new website is poo.

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