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sorry for my cop-outs in posting lately (and for cheating, but no one will ever tell, right?) - i've been traveling constantly and haven't had internet access or time to update my blog.

so today i was at the
archvoices retreat in dallas, tx. since most of my readers are somehow related to architecture, i shouldn't take the time to explain archvoices, but i will, since my parents read this blog. archvoices is an architecture think-tank that deals with issues related to education, internship, and licensure. it was started by two aias VICE PRESIDENTS (that's right - because we rule) about 5 years ago, and now has around 15,000 subscribers (it primarily exists in newsletter form). the retreat was mostly young people in the profession who have started innovative resources/organizations/etc for interns. check out archinect, especially you, natalie, you should TOTALLY start a u of a school blog!

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Blogger natalie said...

wow - i totally missed this post... i will do my best to start a u of a school blog [after mid-crits, that is]... wow.

10:03 PM  

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