architecture prom

you know, i have to admit sometimes that my job is pretty cool. i'm fortunate enough to have my own office, i get to think about how to make the world a better place for architecture students everyday (and get to act on those thoughts), i've been able to travel to parts of the country i've never seen before, and i get to attend really cool events like the accent on architecture gala; better known as the "architecture prom" or the "architecture oscars." this illustrious event was held last night at the national building museum; black-tie, champagne and all. i felt like a movie star (even if i did have an ugly ankle brace shining through my strappy shoes).
helmut jahn was there to accept the silver medal (ie the firm award) and calatrava was on hand to accept the gold medal. there was also a touching tribute to fay jones and phillip johnson (well, touching towards fay jones). During a comparison of jones and johnson, we heard "one was a humble and modest man, one, well, not so humble and modest." i would have liked to be on hand last year when sambo's family accepted his gold medal posthumously. everyone loves sambo.


Blogger natalie said...

that must have been amazing... i think it's just so freaking cool that you get to do all of that stuff... just think - you might start an architecture fad with the whole ankle-brace-strappy-shoes-number...

12:45 AM  
Blogger GravityBlows said...

Incredible shot of the glasses.

10:57 AM  
Blogger honestyrain said...

that sounds like a nice evening. i would love to go to something formal. it's been a long time.

7:25 PM  
Blogger sam_iv said...

That must have been a great event to attend. Sam Mockbee was so great. I got the chance to eat breakfast with him in Little Rock. For some weird reason, the firm Leanne and I worked for hired him to come consult. He was definitely a "Southern Gentleman."

9:45 PM  

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