all dead white boys say god is good

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temp . 36
humidity . 64%
conditions . precipitation nearby, but we're dry

ok, so, um, maybe i jumped the gun a little when i said NO MORE ANONMOYOUS POSTING! and followed it up with "show your face, bitch." maybe i went a little too far.

a few hours after posting it, i got a text message from my dad (who thinks text messaging is the coolest thing ever - i even have to pay an extra $2.99 on my cell phone bill so that we can text message freely) saying "SHOW YOUR FACE BITCH!" and following it up with something about not wanting to create a blog just to post a comment to my posts. YOU STILL COULD HAVE LEFT YOUR NAME.

so now, every time he text messages me or sends me an instant message, he prefaces it with "BITCH!!" is that really necessary, dad? aren't we adults? =)

iron and wine . sodom, south georgia


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