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location . new orleans, la
temp . 64
humidity . 95%
conditions . foggy, moist new orleans night

it's my last night in new orleans, and i've been bad in not posting. we started our board meeting on the 28th, forum started on the 29th and ended yesterday. we wrapped up the board meeting this morning, and i'm leaving for little rock tomorrow morning. it all flies by.
i've only been serving in my position for 6 months, and i still have another 7 to go. it's a little disconcerting that we've already elected my successor, though i obviously understand the need for continuity. more than anything, i feel smothered; i feel as though i have very little time left to complete my goals for my term. my spring travel schedule seems to get another addition every day, and i'm not sure how to measure success in this office. in addition to that, forum, our largest event of the year, is over, and i'm going through mild withdrawals. the week was so energizing and enlightening - it's really the reason why i'm in the position i'm in now. on the other hand, helping to run a conference of 1000+ college students while on crutches was daunting. it was more than a little frustrating not being able to go out at night (i wasn't about to get drunk on crutches), but the days were exhausting enough that i enjoyed the extra hours to sleep.
as for the elections, i'm disappointed that the 05-06 aias board will consist of 10 white males. it's a considerable step back.

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