you have seen some unbelievable things

location . the district
temp . 39
humidity . 60%
conditions . damp and foggy

i don't have much to say... except that i think i saw a guy get killed in front of my apartment last night. i don't mean "in front" like on the street; i mean "in front" like in the circle drive of our apartment. here's the story: about 3am i hear a loud crash, wake up and look out the window. see nothing unusual. about 30 seconds later i hear voices, look out the window again to see 6-7 guys running toward this guy who was limp on the pavement in our circle drive. a car was parked, shining lights on the guy. i naturally assumed this car hit the guy. one of the guys who ran up tried to do cpr on the guy who was on the ground, but he didn't try for long. all of the guys just sort of stood around for a few minutes, then i had to stop watching. i got freaked out and couldn't look again for awhile. no sirens, no more noise. 10-15 minutes later, i looked out to see guys getting in a paddy wagon and cops walking around. the "dead guy" was gone, but there was an ambulance leaving without sirens. then, i watch as the guy who was driving the parked car moved the car to the street and begin to walk around with the cops. they all moved toward a lightpole on the street that had been smashed pretty badly (well, the plastic decoration at the bottom had been ripped off and was strewn about). they sat there for probably 45 minutes tracing steps and pointing in various directions, seemingly trying to piece together what had happened. i was, too. was it a hit and run? the first time i looked out the window, i saw nothing. whatever hit the pole wasn't there anymore. was the "dead guy" with all of the guys who ran to help him? they were all dressed similarly (jeans, casual clothes. construction workers, maybe?). was the guy hit by the car that hit the pole and thrown to our drive? seems like a long way to be thrown, especially when you consider how the fences work around our building. and finally, the most burning question, was the guy dead? if he were unconscious or otherwise severely hurt, you would think people would be kneeling around him, somehow comforting him; but no, they were standing casually around what looked to be his dead body. and the most telling thing about the accident: it hasn't been on the news. normally hit and runs are covered by the news. i didn't dream it all - the lightpole is still messed up. maybe i dreamt part of it? i'm confused. and creeped out.

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