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i had the BEST birthday dinner tonight! yes, i'm perfectly aware it isn't my birthday yet. funny how that hasn't stopped me from getting my birthday present and birthday dinner. first things first:
as you've probably read on my blog, i've been asking for a digital camera for my birthday. now, i know that i already *have* a digital camera, but it doesn't work all of the time. most of the time, in fact, i turn it on, it warms up, looks around, and decides it doesn't want to work. not to mention that it's only 2.1 megapixels. on the upside, it has fully manual controls, burns to a cd (instead of a memory card), a flash hot shoe, and the best color saturation i've ever seen on a digital camera (except my dad's Nikon D70, but that's in a whole different league).
but... the NEW camera is even better. i've spent the last several weeks pouring over the different options for a digital camera. my only two qualifications: it had to be TINY and it had to have fully manual controls. not easy to find on a digital camera. i finally decided on a Kodak DX7630. it TOTALLY rocks. like really. i has all the manual controls, but it also has 17 "scene settings." how great is that? in addition, my laptop has a built in card reader for sd memory, so i don't even have to hook the camera up to my laptop. SWEETNESS.
as for dinner tonight, we ate at my #2 favorite place in dc,
zola. it's my number 2 place because jaleo is my #1 place, and i really don't like the food that much at zola; i only like the flourless chocolate cake, but OH MY GOD it's so great, it's totally worth a whole dinner there and a bottle of wine.

ben lee . grammercy park hotel


Blogger Chris said...

Please tell me you had the LambĀ³. I'm so hungry right now.

4:47 PM  
Blogger sam_iv said...

Wow, sounds like a great dinner. I want to get a digital camera to suppliment my SLR. A manual camera for the precise shots and a digital for the 'in the moment' shots. enjoy you're new camera, just try not to drop this one as much as the last!

10:04 AM  

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