they're always nibbling on your head

location . hot springs, ar
temp . 64%
humidity . 94%
conditions . light (acid) rain

my hometown is a toxic waste dump. literally. one of the largest chemical waste plants in the usa is located there, and they burn things everyday that no other plants in the nation will touch. the instances of neurological disorders and brain tumors are higher than the national average, and instances of lou gehrig's disease is 4 times the national average. myself, i have two friends from high school who've had cancer: one that survived a cancer which caused her foot to be amputated, and another who was not as fortunate after battling a brain tumor. el dorado sucks.

my point here is
this. a chemical plant in el dorado began exploding on Sunday, and they've yet to contain the fires in this town of around 25,000. my mom has been displaced, and at the current time has no idea when she'll be allowed back into her home. the chemical company is picking up the bill for the hotel (how kind of them), the first of many moves they'll be making to make amends with a community that has fought them for years. el dorado sucks.

elf power . simon (the bird with the candybar head)


Blogger Murrye said...

wow i read about that, and i was wondering if it affected your mom. that really sucks! at least the bill is being taken care of, when i read that this morning i was thinking how crappy that would be to have to pay for a hotel because of it all. but still, that's really shitty.

if you're going to be in LR any length of time give me a call!

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