that's my voice rising

location . the district
temp . 27
humidity . 26%
conditions . finally a sunny day

stand right, walk left. it's the rule; everyone knows it, right? personally, i give people a break, especially since i can't walk up or down escalators right now. but i've never been rude about it anyway. if i come upon someone standing on the wrong side, i usually just move to the RIGHT and wait. unless it's the dupont escalator. i simply can't wait that long, escalators are boring.

anyway, i witnessed a lady today with nothing else on her agenda besides TELLING PEOPLE THAT THEY WERE WRONG. this particular metro station had two escalators to reach the surface. there were two guys blocking the way - obviously not "from around here (or any city with a metro system)." this lady, it was so funny, was going REALLY fast up the first escalator, glaring at the guys ahead, but didn't quite catch up to them. i watched as she slowed down dramatically while we were all walking to the next excalator; she stayed behind them the whole way. when we reached the next escalator, she immediately started saying "excuse me, EXCUSE ME, MOVE TO THE RIGHT!" and when she passed him she was muttering loudly "stand left, walk right, doesn't anyone know blah blah blah." she could have EASILY passed the guy while we were walking to the next escalator, but i think she actually took pleasure in telling this guy to move. there's no justice like a poor, black woman telling a suit that he's WRONG. sweet justice. that'll tell'em

bright eyes . method acting


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